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Along the Rio Grande a recent acquisitions for the Haley Collection

Permanent Collection Acquisitions

Joanie Holt, left and Carolyn Roden, right at the 2016 Annual Art Show and sale with the beautiful flowers they provided for the event. Also shown are two recent acquisitions for the Haley Collection.  “Along the Rio Grande” by Wayne Baize (24×36, oil on canvas) is an outstanding piece of Texas themed art.  The Donkey … Read more
The Big Drift - Gus O'Keefe

The Big Drift – Rounding Up in the Haley Library

By Patrick Dearen The search for an event 132 years in the past and for a man dead 87 years demands much of a writer.  He must be equal parts journalist, historian, detective, and bloodhound.  Above all, he must be determined, for a trail so cold can be so frustrating. Fortunately in the case of … Read more
membership 2017

Membership 2017

RIDING PROUDLY Eloise and Bob Davenport Myra Best Glass Mary Nell Haley Karen J. Scharbauer Kelly and Billy Williams CHARLES GOODNIGHT TRAILDRIVER Nancy and Barry Beal Ellen and Larry Bell Ann and Matthew Bell Cheryl Shull Cotner Linda Cowden Emily Fernandes Anne and Bert Johnson Ann and Ted Johnson Skeet Lee Jones William Holt Jowell … Read more
Carl Lane Johnson booksigning at the 2016 Fall Gathering at the Haley Library

Carl Lane Johnson Booksigning

“WAY BEFORE DAYLIGHT, LONG AFTER DARK” book signing by Carl Lane Johnson One of the highlights of the 2016 Fall Gather was having rancher Carl Lane Johnson from Tatum, NM be on hand for both the Ranch Storytelling panel and his availability to sign copies of his then just released biography.  His book reads like … Read more

Memorials January – March 2017

In Memory of Roy D. Cooper John Campbell In Memory of Leslie Fort Covington Barbara and Carl L. Johnson In Memory of Carol Crain Myra Best Glass William Holt Jowel In Memory of Joyce Fields Anderson Ranch and Mike Harrison In Memory of Jean Marie Gratton Barbara and Carl L. Johnson In Memory of Phyllis … Read more
O'Keefe, Gus, young, courtesy Joseph O'Keefe

Gus O’Keefe and the Big Drift

By Patrick Dearen It was a cattle drift for the ages, displacing countless thousands of beeves, and one man emerged as the “hero” in their return from the Pecos. Gus O’keefe. Known as the Big Drift of 1884-85, this massive migration cost cowmen thousands of cattle, but the losses would have been greater if not … Read more
The Alamo Mission Bell by J. Evetts Haley

The Alamo Mission Bell

The Alamo No place touches the heart or fires the imagination of all Texans like the Alamo. No single word puts to marching such a troop of memories or sets to surging such a range of deep emotions. For no other incident in history surpasses, the Alamo as an example of devotion to personal honor, … Read more

Horsehead Crossing

Editor’s note-The following article about Horsehead Crossing is authored by Patrick Dearen.  Dearen has gained recognition for his knowledge of old-time cowboy life. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he preserved the firsthand accounts of 76 men who cowboyed before 1932. These interviews (now preserved in the Archives of the Haley Library) along with … Read more
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