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The Haley Memorial Library is an autonomous and non-governmental charitable organization that is supported entirely by private funds. It values its autonomy from local, state, and federal authorities. Your membership fees are utilized to sustain the library, obtain new collections, organize fundraising activities, and other related expenses. Additionally, all membership fees qualify as tax-deductible donations.

Your Membership is Vital

Your contributions help to preserve the historical records of our ranching heritage

After four decades, the Haley Library and History Center continues to flourish with overflowing shelves of books and documents, and adorned walls displaying artwork. As a non-profit organization that declines government funding, the library requires an endowment to ensure its self-sustaining and expanding future. Such an endowment would establish independence, security, and enable the library to cater to its growing needs.

Ensure the Preservation of Irreplaceable Collections, Research, and Education Through Your Charitable Contributions to the Library

If you are a scholar, author, historian, or simply someone who appreciates and benefits from the information available at the library, becoming a member on an annual basis is an exceptional way to support the preservation of our collection of historical documents and artifacts. We urge you to contemplate making a contribution, and we would like to remind you that all memberships and donations are completely eligible for tax deduction.

$50 / year

Haley Trailblazer

$100 / year

XIT Cowboy

$250 / year

Jeff Milton Ranger

$500 / year

Alamo Mission Bell

$1000 / year

Haley Trail Driver

$2500 / year

Goodnight Trail Boss

$5000 / year

Haley History Center Benefactor

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Single Donation, Any Amount

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