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Join today and receive the latest “Haley Library Newsletter” and be placed on the Library Master List to receive all public and private event invitations.  The Library Calendar of Events will keep you up to date on upcoming events from fine art shows and exhibits to book signings, and how to register for our annual “Fall Gathering Ranch Storytelling and Foy Proctor Cowman’s Award of Honor” event.

Pototschnik - Kemps Barn
Carl Lane Johnson booksigning at the 2016 Fall Gathering at the Haley Library
Clayton & Modesta Williams & Pat McDaniel

Your Membership is Vital

Your contributions help to preserve the historical records of our ranching heritage

The Library is a privately-funded, independent, charitable institution that cherishes its independence from local, state and federal governments. The library depends on memberships and contributions to preserve these unique historical records and all contributions are fully tax deductible.

After 40 years, the Haley Library and History Center still thrives. The storage shelves are bulging with books and documents; the walls are filled with art. The Library merits an endowment to fulfill its growing needs. As a non-profit institution refusing all government funds, the Haley Library needs an endowment to establish an independent, secure and growing future.

Your charitable contributions to the Library will assure continued preservation of the irreplaceable collections, professional research and writing, and educational programs.

If you are a researcher, writer, historian, or member of the public that enjoys and benefits from the data within the library, a yearly membership is a unique way to assist the library in preserving the historical records and artifacts held within our stacks. Please consider a contribution, and all memberships and donations are fully tax deductible.

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