Annual Southwest Impressionists
Art Show and Sale

The Haley Library Annual Southwest Impressionist Art Show is our premier fundraising event of the year. It has enabled collectors of fine art in the Midland region to view and purchase the highest quality of art by some of the finest painters in Texas.

The 35th Annual Southwestern Art Show and Sale

Sale begins October 23, 2023. Artists Reception October 26, 2023, 6pm-8pm

Fine Art of the Southwest at The Haley

Fine art of the Southwestern US has been present at the Haley Library since 1978 when an Art Committee comprised of three Midland, Texas collectors, Bobby Holt, Bobby Hillin, produced the first Haley Library Art Show and Sale.

This annual artshow highlights outstanding local artists.

These outstanding painters known as the Midland Southwest Impressionists offer their much anticipated annual show and sale in the fall of the year for now over 30 years. Don L. Parks, Charles N. Pruitt, and Mary Rasmussen offer up their annual production for highly sought after paintings in a show that creates the largest one day attendance for the library calendar.

Watch our web-calendar for occasional fine art special events that may be held throughout the year.

Chrysanthemums by Rasmussen
Chrysanthemums by Rasmussen
Don Parks
Don Parks

Whatever the changing conceptions of the ephemeral moment,...genuine art is untouched and eternal. For art, that finest expression of man's timeless grouping for lovely form and color, for spirit and beauty, eternally fixed by paint on canvas, is for the ages. ~ From A Cowman's Comment on Art by J. Evetts Haley

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