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CWW Inventory Details


  1. Biographical material
    1. Diaries (Originals, handwritten and Typescripts)
    2. Field Notes, Account Notebooks, etc.
    3. Legal Documents (deeds, wills, etc.)
    4. S. D. Myres Files. Material used in writing of “Pioneer Surveyor – Frontier Lawyer” by S.D. Myres (letters, photographs and documents have been returned to proper files.)
    5. Chronological File on OWW’s Life
    6. Personal Papers (was G-4)
    7. Articles about OWW (incl. obits)
    8. Haley File: material from JEH, II, B, Williams, O.W.
      See also JEH, II, B, for files on CWW, Jr. and JCW
  2. General Correspondence Files: (includes all family letters except from children, see Series C)
    1. From OWW (chronological order)
    2. To OWW (alphabetical order)
  3. Family Correspondence Files, To/From OWW: (chronological order)
    1. To Sallie Wheat Williams (Mrs. O.W.) from OWW
    2. From Sallie Wheat Williams (Mrs. O.W.) to OWW
    3. From OWW to Jesse Caleb Williams
      • Bound Volumes, 1916-1936
      • Unbound Letters, 1904-1940
    4. From Jesse Caleb Williams to OWW
      • Extracts, set one, 1923-1927
      • Extracts, set two, 1930-1935
      • Unbound Letters, 1923-1944
      • Pamphlets and articles by Jesse Caleb Williams
    5. To/From OWW’s Children:
      “My Dear Children”
      “My Dear Folks”
      Clayton Wheat Williams (Sr.)
      Oscar Waldo Williams, Jr. (Waldo)
      Mary Ermine Williams Garnett Hamilton
      Susan Kathryn Williams Walker
      Jesse Caleb Williams (see CWW, I, C, #3 and #4)
      Essays and Other Writings by his Children
    6. To Sallie Wheat Williams from Others (not OWW)
    7. Family Correspondence (general)
      Jesse Williams Hart
      Sue A. Williams (born-Anna Susan)
  4. Genealogical material and Individual Family Member FilesGenealogical Files
    1. Williams Family
    2. Collier, Graves and Taylor Families
    3. Callaway Family
    4. Holder Family
    5. Graves Family
    6. Gott Family
    7. Misc.
      Individual Family Member Files
    8. Oscar Waldo Williams, Jr., His Life and Letters
    9. Mary Ermine Williams Garnett
    10. Susan Katherine Williams Walker
    11. Sara K. Garnett
    12. Jesse Caleb Williams, see also Section IV
    13. Sallie Wheat Williams
    14. Vital Statistics (obits, weddings, births)
  5. Literary Productions, Mss
  6. Literary Productions, Printed Copies
    (Note: These are parallel files. Not all mss have printed copies and not all printed copies have mss.  Set up this way in case more material is found.)
  7. Business and Professional
    1. Eaton Oil
    2. Irrigation projects
    3. Misc.
  8. Scrapbook and Miscellany
  9. Framed awards and honors


  1. Biographical/Family
    1. Biographical
    2. Family
      • Clayton Wheat Williams, Jr. (Claytie)
      • Janet Williams Pollard
    3. CWW Billfold Contents (copied)
  2. Correspondence
    1. Letters from France
    2. Naylor Publishing Co. re: Never Again
    3. Historical Societies
    4. Gaines Kincaid
      Letters from Clayton to Gaines Kincaid
    5. Ernest Wallace
    6. Letters sent, 1927-1980
    7. Letters received, 1964-1982
    8. Misc. (6 folders)
  3. Genealogy
  4. Literary Productions
    1(A). Never Again, mss
    1(B). Never Again, mss
    1(C). Never Again, mss
    1(D). Never Again, mss
    1(E). Never Again, Resource Files
    2(A). Texas’ Last Frontier, four early mss
    2(B). Texas’ Last Frontier, mss
    2(C). Texas’ Last Frontier, mss
    2(D). Texas’ Last Frontier, mss
    2(E). Texas’ Last Frontier, mss
    2(F). Texas’ Last Frontier, mss
    2(G). Texas’ Last Frontier, mss
    2(H). Texas’ Last Frontier, Final draft
    3(A). National Archives Material
    3(B). Research Files
    4. The Fred Jackson Arno Memoirs
    5. Animal Tales of the West, mss, c. 1974
    6. Animal Tales of the West, general file
    7. Misc. Writings
    8. Sources
    9. Historic Photographs and Illustrations (filed in the general photo file cabinets #87-88)
    10. Reminiscences of Zenas R. Bliss, 5 vol., (shelved in main library, section #49)
  5. Business and Professional
    1. Oil
    2. Cattle
    3. OWW Estate
    5. Abstracts
  6. Scrapbook and miscellany
    1. First Camper
    2. Unsorted
  7. Framed Documents
  8. Family Photos (see General Photo Inventory)
  9. Framed Photos and Albums
  10. Scrapbooks
  11. Clippings (not sorted)
  12. Maps


  1. Greeting Cards
  2. Programs of Events
  3. Address Books
  4. Golden Wedding Anniversary
  5. Travel Notes

SERIES IV – JESSE CALEB WILLIAMS PAPERS (not worked as of Aug. 1999)

  1. Correspondence
  2. Early Life
  3. China Papers
  4. Stocks/Nursery Reports
  5. Oregon Property
  6. Company Reports
  7. Farm
  8. Farm/Ranch Reports

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