Carl Lane Johnson Booksigning

“WAY BEFORE DAYLIGHT, LONG AFTER DARK” book signing by Carl Lane Johnson

One of the highlights of the 2016 Fall Gather was having rancher Carl Lane Johnson from Tatum, NM be on hand for both the Ranch Storytelling panel and his availability to sign copies of his then just released biography.  His book reads like a movie script and offers readers a true (as much as can be verified by independent sources) and authentic picture of ranch life in the arid southwestern US.  His stories will bring you into the working pens, bar rooms, hotel lobbies, and airplane cockpits of his life.  Complete with heartache and joy, his life truly is an open book.  Signed, hardbound copies are available in the Haley Library book shop for $27.95 plus tax.

Seen above are from left Carl Lane Johnson and Brian McLaughlin, Haley Board of Trustees Chairman.
Photo courtesy of Cindi Mladenka.

Carl Lane Johnson booksigning at the 2016 Fall Gathering at the Haley Library
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