Membership 2017


Eloise and Bob Davenport
Myra Best Glass
Mary Nell Haley
Karen J. Scharbauer
Kelly and Billy Williams


Nancy and Barry Beal
Ellen and Larry Bell
Ann and Matthew Bell
Cheryl Shull Cotner
Linda Cowden
Emily Fernandes
Anne and Bert Johnson
Ann and Ted Johnson
Skeet Lee Jones
William Holt Jowell
Charlotte and John Kimberlin
Wanda Linam Perry
W. V. “Red” Roberts
Carolyn Roden
Chris Scharbauer
Shelly and Chip Smith
Sandra Staley
Carolyn Stone
Robert Carr Vincent
Bonnie and John Welch


Rich Anderson
Kay Bast Bird
Michelle Brock
Sigrid and Richard Coats
Peggy and Bob Cowan
Mary W. deCompiegne
Robert Gotovac
Brenda and Mike Harrison
Mary B. Kennedy
Michelle Mauzy
Norma McGrew
Denna and Allen McGuire
J. Mark McLaughlin
Lee Miller
Richard Platte
Dawn and Jim Walton
C. B. Wilson


Penny and Ernest Angelo, Jr.
Jean Beach
Caroline Bolger
Kathy and Gary Buchholz
Judia and Dan Foreman
Mandy and Dustin Gragg
Mary Ann and Will Green
Lauren and Jim Haley
James C. Henderson
Helen Joan Holt
Larua and Holt Johnson
Janell Kelton
Joie and Giles Lee
Trudy and Tryon Lewis
Sue and Buddy McDonald
Frances Mills
Stan Nelson
Doris Redfern
Dave Sather
Vicky and David Saxe
Allison and James Small
Kacey and Aaron Whisenhunt


Kent and Shirlee Alexander
Mary and Barry Beck
David Bradshaw
Teresa Clingman
Gretchen and Scott Davis
Debbie Foster
Tulane Gordon III
Mary Griffith
Anne Herbig
Gail House
Barbara and Jim Leeton
Nancy and Joe Liberty
Patricia and Sam Middleton
James W. Mims
Dorothy and Jim Moring
Dick Nicholl
Polly Parnell
James L. Powell
Layne Reese
Phyllis and Jon Short
Sally and Buddy Sipes
George S. Smith
Steve Stehle
Lynn and Cliff Teinert
Tracy and Mike Vaughan
Lissan Noel Wagner
Patsy and Jack Ward
Becky and Keith Williams
Ernest Woodward
Earline Wright


Tom Beall
Cindy and Mike Ford
Buddy Fort
Jean Huffman
Gayla and Bill Neal
Elizabeth Cowden Walter


Paula Cahoon
Tracy Elms
Iris Englet
David Furlow
John E. Oden
Joy L. Ross
Cheryl Roush
Jimmy Dale Sparks
Teddy Stickney
Nancy and Terry Tubb
Beau and Kathleen Hartnett White

membership 2017
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