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The Collections are open for serious research and study. The archivist is available by appointment. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 432.682.5785 or email [email protected] to make an appointment.

Collection Inventories

The Haley History Center houses a distinctive range of archival collections that have been entrusted by historians to this privately operated facility. Within these collections, you will find a diverse array of materials, such as photographs, diaries, manuscripts, correspondence, interviews, and maps. These inventories provide invaluable research materials compiled by the authors and historians who specifically gathered them for their individual research interests. The collections have been meticulously preserved in the manner organized by their original creators or donors. To assist users, Haley’s late archivist, Jim Bradshaw, created comprehensive indexes and finding aids for these collections. For newcomers to the Haley History Center, it is recommended to review his Collections Register, which can be downloaded for reference.

Collections Register

Research Archives Overview – Our Collections

The Haley Library is a comprehensive research institution that specializes in the study of Southwest history. Scholars and academics from around the globe visit the Haley Library to access its vast collection of materials. The Collections are accessible to individuals engaged in thorough research and academic exploration. The archivist is reachable through scheduled appointments, and you can contact [email protected] to arrange a meeting. By providing advance notice, we can prepare and make the requested materials available upon your arrival. We understand and value the significance of a researcher’s time, and we are committed to ensuring an efficient and productive experience.

Major Collections

Major Collections received this designation by Mr. Bradshaw to communicate the size and depth of material in the collections. They usually include most of the types of material mentioned above. The Haley, Goodnight, Mullin, Williams, Thrapp, collections are just some so designated.

Small Collections

Small Collections usually are those that contain less than one file drawer of material. They are mostly narrow in focus and limited in scope. They do contain some important and unique items.

Photo Collections

The over 12,000 photos contained in the Haley History Center reveal an astounding window into the past. The people, places, things, animals, events, all from our distant past are represented in these vast photo collections. Many have been digitized, some have not. All are identified and cataloged and maintained in environments meeting professional archival standards.

Map Collections

The Haley map collections are another tool used by historian/donors that were essential to their ability to communicate and illustrate their works. The maps are indexed and reveal very early maps that are able to be compared to current GPS maps that reveal numerous changes that have occurred in the cartographic world. Some of the maps are hand drawn from the collective memories of trail drivers, ranch foremen, cowboys, and those interviewed by Mr. Haley. These maps are integral part of any researchers complete experience in the Haley History Center.

Library Stacks

The Haley Library bound book stacks are an antiquarian bibliophile’s heaven. This non-lending collection contains items not known to exist in even the largest national libraries. Mr. Haley understood the importance to future researchers the need to access primary sourced items that were published from the days before revisionist historians had published works that ignored the truths of the primary researchers in their field and on their grounds. His ability to collect thousands of pamphlets published by all kinds of government and military printing plants was unsurpassed. The Haley Library maintains a digital card catalog and its original typed card catalog. The Haley Library’s collections are an unbelievable treasure of the Southwest.

Speak to our Archivist

You can reach an archivist by phone, email ([email protected]) or via our contact page. Please include a ground mailing address with all email inquires.

Contact the Archivist(432) 682-5785

Are You a Researcher?

If you find our data useful, think about a donation. Your charitable contributions to the Library will assure continued preservation of the irreplaceable collections, professional research and writing, and educational programs we have available.

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