R. F. Ford, Spur Maker

R. F. Ford, Spur Maker


Liz Ford has written and published this book celebrating the life and work of her late husband, RF Ford. This book contains the records he faithfully kept by name and number of the spurs and bits as he received and completed the orders. This information is in his own handwriting along with approximately 30 photo pages of RF’s spurs, bits, buckles and metal art. The order page section in this book is from the original books he used beginning with his first pair of numbered spurs 001.As you read through the order pages, you will be able to experience a day in the life of “RF Ford” as you see the stains, corrections, and originality that was unique to RF. A valuable and treasured asset to spur collectors and admirers and an interesting read for those who were RF’s customers through the years.

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R. F. Ford was a well-known spur maker that passed away in May 2011. What many do not know is that he kept records of all his spurs and bits. His wife Liz has now taken all those notes and along with other tidbits and pictures, and compiled a record of this spur makers products in book form. From spur #1 to the last pair he made, all are in the book copied right from his order book, in his own handwriting, coffee stains and all. This is a unique book that shows the life of a spur maker through his creative abilities and records. Liz has done an outstanding job of compiling and publishing this treatise and made it available to collectors, makers and those that may have an interest.

Charlie Richardson, National Bit, Spur and Saddle Collector’s Associations

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