Alamo Mission Bell


No place touches the heart or fires the imagination of all Texans like the Alamo. No single word puts to marching such a troop of memories or sets to surging such a range of deep emotions. For no other incident in history surpasses, the Alamo as an example of devotion to personal honor, invincibility of purpose, and utter defiance of danger, with no alternative to violent death, than the simple Spanish word – Alamo.

In the one hundred and thirty-eight years since that mission fortress fell its story has been told with the same incredulous admiration and awe, and absorbed with the same flesh-tingling rapture, so long as red-blooded men relish courage and freedom, nurture the sacrificial virtues which sustain them.

No historian can now add to the record; no supercilious critic of its terrific drama and its noble passions can detract from it. Like all surpreme tragedies, its story holds its contradictions, leaves puzzling questions unanswered, and poses its enigmas. All the more to t prompt the retelling. Understandably, the record was incomplete, for though Thermopylae had her messenger of defeat The Alamo had none.


The bell was purchased in 1974 by five West Texans for the Nita Stewart Haley Memorial Library, Midland, Texas. It is on display in the lobby of the museum.

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Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × .25 in

Hard Bound, Leaflet

The Alamo Mission Bell
Alamo Mission Bell