The Pecos Ranchers in the Lincoln County War

The Pecos Ranchers in the Lincoln County War


An item becoming scarce on the animosity between two powerful ranching families who often preferred to settle disputes with firearms. J. Evetts Haley notes in the introduction he has provided that when he interviewed surviving members in the 1930’s that the hatred for each other had not diminished. Issued only in paper this is one of most important on the Lincoln County War and the Pecos Ranchers with the Beckwith family versus other families including John Chisum (who said of the Beckwith Ranch “a nice one though with my cattle”. An item important both for the Lincoln County wars and the reality of ranching in the same era where cattle thieving was on the increase and often began to be treated with hanging as was often the case with horse thieves.

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Introduction by J. Evetts Haley. Published by Branding Iron Press.

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