On His Native Heath…In His Natural Element


Illustrations from the Harold Bugbee Collection. Divided into IV sections: Selected Biographies, Personal Essays, Christmas Publications, A Cowman’s Commentary. Known for long literary productions, some of Haley’s most significant work consists of short essays, sketches, and reminiscences. These essays appear in book form for the first time, some have never before been printed.

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To the History, Ideals, and Traditions of … Texas

J. Evetts Haley to the Trustees and Patrons of Nita Stewart Haley Memorial Library

In September 1961, I wrote in the Trust Indenture founding the Nita Stewart Haley Memorial Library that I had ‘collected’ and was the “owner of a library relating to the history, ideals, and tradition of my beloved Texas, much of which is of an original and unique nature, and which is and should continue to be of interest and value to the proud people of Texas; to make this library available for use by the people of Texas in the firm belief that, by such contribution to their deeper understanding of their history and heritage, they will be better able to face the future with wisdom and fortitude, and better able to judge and cope with the problems which they are now and will from time to time be faced in maintaining their free, individualistic and independent selves and society under Constitutional law.”

When the Board was first set up I wanted people on it that I could be at home with. I never wanted to charge people to come into the Library and never will. I believed if you had a real purpose you should be allowed to look at and use the books. We worked very had and spent a lot of money but we have no regrets about the Library. I have never regretted starting it. We have never had anything but good response from the patrons, and the Board has been very generous on the whole. I never wanted any government involvement – government aid means government…

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On His Native Heath...In His Natural Element
On His Native Heath…In His Natural Element