Learning From Longhorns

Learning From Longhorns


The story of the Texas Longhorn, that sinewy and headstrong beast of legend, is foundational to the history of the cattle country of the American West. The Longhorn is identified with the fiercely independent cowboy character, both being colorful resourceful survivors. With wit and folk wisdom in the tradition of the cattle drover, Lester Galbreath offers these ruminations on the breed and insight gained from the vantage point of his thirty-five years of service as the park ranger who wrangles the Texas State Longhorn herd headquartered at Fort Griffin State Park in Shackelford County, Texas.

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Descending from the first cattle ever to set foot on American soil, the Texas Longhorn has proven itself to be versatile, adaptive and enduring. An American West icon, the Longhorn has long been associated with the romance of life on the open range. Lester Galbreath, manager of the Official State of Texas Longhorn Herd, has spent more than half of his life living with and learning from these magnificent and stoic animals.

Galbreath, in collaboration with Glenn Dromgoole, shares with readers the insight gleaned from years of observing the Texas Longhorn. Wisdom that motivates and inspires is punctuated with the perceptive watercolors of Charles Shaw, who captures the essence of the sagacious creature. A full-color photo essay by Watt M. Casey, Jr., encapsulates the spirit of the book.

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