Jim Nicholson


Foy Proctor Memorial Cowman’s Award of Honor Recipient

Jim Nicholson was born in Elk City, Oklahoma in June of 1950 of parents Lester and Ida Bell Nicholson, neighbors and childhood friends who were raised in Sayre, Oklahoma.  Jim has one brother and one sister.  Jim is a first generation cowman who was motivated to get into the business.

Jim met his charming wife Judy when buying vaccine and medicine from Walco Animal Health.  They have been married for 36 years this month.  He has one step-daughter, and one son, Spencer who works on the ranch and is putting together his own cow herd while helping Jim.  They now have a grand-daughter to enjoy watching grow up.

Jim is like most ranchers who fear drought, fires, loss of good water, and government interference in their decision making.  In today’s world even the thought of disease introduced into the herds from terroristic activity has to be considered.

His greatest pleasures in his work come from doing what he truly enjoys, being on good horses, well bred cattle, and being around and meeting good people in the industry.  He says it really should not be called work.  They buy young horses both broke and unbroke that are old enough to start.  The use them to prowl, gather, sort, and move on the ranch.  His favorite horse is Streak who is simply a pleasure to ride.

Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome Jim Nicholson into the 2016 class of Foy Proctor Cowman’s Award of Honor recipients.


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