Wild West Trail Ride Maze

Wild West Trail Ride Maze


Join the Crooked River cowboys on a trail ride! Saddle up and find your way from ranch headquarters to the cattle pens out on the range, and to the cowboys’ camp for a chuck-wagon meal, and then head on back home to the ranch, this time by a different path. Roxie Munro, with her eye-popping and intricate artwork, invites children to trail through aerial mazes, each one dovetailing into the one following, making discoveries deep down in every canyon and over each hill.

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From the Author

I loved working on this book – sometimes I would imagine myself on the tiny path riding through the canyons or wandering across the prairie . I made a western landscape that I want to live in. This book is the next step beyond “Mazescapes” and “Amazement Park”…. great fun for children who love mazes and games. Particularly good for reluctant readers and children who need to hone concentration skills.

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