Two Glass Buttons

Two Glass Buttons


By Marguerite Starr Crain

A story based on Clarinda Pevehouse Kegans, whose family, along with hundreds of other Texas families, flee their homes in April 1936 to avoid advancing armies of Generalissimo Santa Ana.

Two Glass Buttons is a warm, poignant human picture of family life. Students of Texas history of any age will empathize with members of Clarinda’s family, while reliving the hardships they endured resulting from the soul-searching decisions made for their safety.

The personal price paid by all Texans…will fill the reader with pride learning of their contribution in the fight for the independence of all Texans.

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The study of history is, first and foremost, a study of people. Yet, too often the history books are so intent on providing a chronicle of events that students are unaware of the human drama.

Mrs. Crain has based this carefully researched book on her great-great-grandmother’s memoirs. It is a wonderful picture of family life and the personal price paid by Texans for their independence. Two Glass Buttons is truly authentic Texas; filled with the flora and fauna of Texas, the sounds of Texas speech, and the promise of a vibrant state. This small volume will put Texas young people in touch with life in the nineteenth century in a way that no history textbook ever can. ~ Maridel Fryar, Ph. D.

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