Stephen F. Austin, The Son Becomes the Father of Texas

Stephen F. Austin, The Son Becomes the Father of Texas


Stephen F. Austin is known as the Father of Texas. At the age of twenty-one years, he was elected to the Territorial Legislature of Missouri and served there until 1819, when he moved to Arkansas. While Stephen was making laws, his father, Moses Austin, received a grant of land in Texas to form a colony. Stephen’s father died when he was returning to Missouri from a trip to Texas, but he bequeathed his grant to Stephen with instructions to carry it to a successful completion. After many delays and frustrations with the Mexican government, Steven F. Austin brought many colonists from the United States. Throughout the Revolutionary period, Austin was a voice for peace and a great support to his fellow Texans. He was deeply respected by the people of Texas. Austin died from sickness in 1836. He was only forty-three years old. Texas would not have such a rich mix of population today, and might not even be a part of the United States if it weren’t for Austin’s loyalty and dedication to his family and his colony.

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