Guy Coheleach’s Animal Art

Guy Coheleach’s Animal Art


Guy Cohelech is one of the world’s most celebrated and accomplished painters of animals and wildlife. His artistic life has been dedicated to capturing the essence of the animal and conveying the intensity of its being, its aliveness down to the right glint in his eye. With this extraordinary collection of his paintings along with his personal story of how he got his start, his goals, and his frank discussion of artistic style, you get a glimpse of a man who is making art history. Coheleach conveys motion one moment through impressionism, the next through design and is acknowledged as the master of all. His paintings and sketches can leave you breathless as you witness the explosive quality of a chase, or observe the liquid look of a cat. He reveals the character of the animals he has observed and that sometimes have charged, chewed, ambushed and stomped him. Coheleach’s humor and sense of adventure as conveyed by writer Terry Wieland will intrigue you and his paintings and quotes about the how and why of much of his work will fascinate you.

This beautifully designed book with 100 reproductions of his masterful paintings and 54 of his exquisite sketches is a must for collectors and art lovers everywhere.

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